VETOQUINOL Corporate brochure 2007 (year 2006)

HISTORY 1933 • First quinoline-based veterinary product, Vétoquinol, developed at Lure, France by Joseph Frechin, Doctor of Pharmacology. 1962 • Founding of Vétoquinol SA, devoted to animal health. • Arrival of Étienne Frechin, son of Joseph Frechin, current President. 1980 • Research & Development centre opened. 1987 • Tolfedine ® , a product leader in the making, first marketed for treatment of pain and inflammation in companion animals and livestock. 1995 • European launch of Marbocyl ® , a highly effective antibiotic developed by Vétoquinol. It remains a market leader in France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland and Austria and is ranked no.2 in Europe. 1999 • J. Webster in Canada acquired - 40 employees. 2001 • Swiss-based group Chassot and subsidiaries in Europe acquired - 401 employees, 40 million euros of sales. 2002 • Evsco and Tomlyn ranges bought from IGI Inc in the USA. • Prilium ® launched - canine cardiology. 2003 • New premises at Lure double the amount of space for Research & Development. 2004 • Vétoquinol concentrates exclusively on development of curative products. • China office opened. 2005 • Launch of Clavaseptin ® , an anti-infective for dogs and cats - a “super” generic as a result of its palatability. 2006 • Lure manufacturing site modernised and capacity increased. • Semyung Vet in South Korea and Vet Solutions in the USA acquired. • Listed on Paris stock market. • Launch of Marbocyl ® S, a single-injection antibiotic, Dolpac ® , an antiparasitic and Flexadin a chondroprotective agent. More than 70 years of Vétoquinol FROM A GREAT IDEA TO A GREAT COMPANY