VETOQUINOL Corporate brochure 2010 (year 2009)

CONTEN TS p_ 01 PROFILE/KEY FIGURES An Independent Brand p_ 02 A WORD FROM MANAGEMENT Remarkable Growth p_ 04 COMPANY BACKGROUND Vétoquinol’s Proud History p_ 08 VET CLIENTS Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Veterinarians p_ 12 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Always at the Forefront of Innovation p_ 14 LIVESTOCK AND COMPANION ANIMALS Sizeable Issues Call for Proportionate Answers p_ 16 PRODUCTION FACILITIES A Model of Industrial Performance p_ 18 MARKETING More than just Packaging, Adding Value p_ 22 INTERNATIONAL MARKETS Spotlight on India, on the Way to Asia p_ 26 REPORT TO SHAREHOLDERS Growth and Performance Momentum p. 22 p. 12 p. 14 p. 08 Design and production: Keima • Photo Credits: Vétoquinol, Fotolia, T. Kuntz and S. Carnovali Publishing Director: Étienne Frechin Document printed on paper from well-managed forests