VETOQUINOL Corporate brochure 2011 (year 2010)

Contents P_02 _ Interview with Matthieu Frechin P_04 _ Vétoquinol: an enduring, Family Owned French Business Group P_06 VÉTOQUINOL’S PROUD HISTORY _ Continuing an Unblemished Family Legacy _ Proud of Our Values, the True Mark of Differentiation from Our Competitors P_12 SPOTLIGHT ON INNOVATION _ Achieving Growth through Innovation _ 2010, a Rich Harvest of New Product Releases P_18 AN ONGOING DAILY COMMITMENT TO VETERINARIANS _ Companion Animals, Well-Being above All _ Livestock, a Sizeable Market P_24 AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY MAINTAINING A LOCAL PRESENCE IN GLOBAL MARKETS _ A High Performance Industrial Model _ Subsidiaries in 23 Countries P_28 GOVERNANCE AND KEY FIGURES Design and production: Keima Publishing Director: Matthieu Frechin Photo Credits: Vétoquinol, Fotolia, H. Thouroude, T. Kuntz and S. Carnovali Document printed on paper from well-managed forests