Vetoquinol Corporate brochure 2015

SINCE 1933, OUR FAMILY-OWNEDCOM- PANY HAS BEEN DEDICATED EXCLU- SIVELY TO ANIMAL HEALTH. WE HAVE CHOSEN TO BECOME AN INTERNA- TIONAL COMPANY ATTENTIVE TO THE NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS ANDMOVE FORWARD TOGETHER WITH THEM. Our philosophy has always been to work every day for the protection and well-being of animals and peo- ple. Our market is concentrating, we are facing new diseases, and the practices of veterinarians and the relationships between human beings and animals are changing. Today, to treat animals more easily and effectively, we offer a range of innovative products and services. We focus on a range of reference products responding to the day-to-day work of veterinarians, care and well-being of animals on three continents. Our strength throughout our 82-year history has lain in our ability to adapt to change, while remaining faithful to our values, principles and customers. We are firmly convinced that a relation- ship of trust gives rise to better prod- ucts, better services and better people. Vetoquinol knows how to rally internal forces and motivate teams proud to be- long to a group whose success is driven by shared ambitions. Our promise is to listen, understand and deliver on the needs of our clients, further improve our products and ser- vices, and support our employees in their fulfilment with a view to growing our laboratory and advancing animal health as a whole. This is our promise. Today, we want to share this vision with you. Together, we can achieve- more, every day. A WORD FROM THE CEO CONTENTS 3 Graphic charter: McCann Healthcare • Adaptation and layout: Skerzo Marketing & Com- munication • Photo credits: Vetoquinol, Shutterstock, Samuel Carnovali, Thierry Kuntz, Thinkstock, McCann Healthcare • Publication director: Matthieu Frechin Your world is changing, and our commitment remains solid ENGAGED BY OUR HISTORY FROM PAST TO PRESENT P. 4-5 ENGAGED BY OUR VALUES ACHIEVE MORE TOGETHER P. 6-7 ENGAGED BY OUR PRODUCT STRATEGY GROWTH MOMENTUM P. 8-9 ENGAGED BY OUR CREATIVITY A CULTURE OF INNOVATION P. 10-11 ENGAGED BY OUR KNOW-HOW FOCUS ON INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE P. 12-13 ENGAGED BY OUR CLOSENESS CLOSER TO YOU P. 14-15 ACHIEVE MORE TOGETHER HIGHLIGHTS IN 2014 P. 16-17 ENGAGED BY OUR FUTURE ROBUIST GOVERNANCE FOR LASTING SUCCESS P. 18 TH 25 140 315  M E 9 COUNTRIES DISTRIBUTORS REVENUES IN 2014 Matthieu Frechin, Chief Executive Officer LABORATORY GLOBAL VETERINARY MORE THAN 2,000 EMPLOYEES