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Vetoquinol, a responsible behaviour worlwide

Vetoquinol commits to implementing a coherent policy on safety, health and the environment. With regards to environmental protection and social fairness, the group advocates for a responsible attitude from the company and its employees.

In 2008, Vetoquinol formally drew up a sustainable development policy, transparent to both our co-workers and external partners, through a Business Good Practice Guide.

In 2016, Vetoquinol was rewarded for its commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and was ranked 1st in the Gaïa Index in the category of companies with sales between €150 and €500 million.

Gaia-Index, specialist of the ESG notation of the small and mid-caps companies, assessed Vetoquinol’s degree of transparency and maturity in term of ESG commitment, according to more than 120 criteria, based on four themes: economic, governance, human capital, environmental performance and stakeholders.

This good performance demonstrate that Vetoquinol knows how to respond to good ESG practices and rewards the competence and the regular involvement of its employees.

For Vetoquinol, environment is everyone's business

Risk management is at the heart of Vetoquinol's activity. We have therefore decided to put in place dedicated processes and teams on all our industrial sites. The Group's HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) team carries out regular safety and environment audits at each of its production facilities.

Vetoquinol's major concern is to reduce pollution, protect natural resources, save energy and optimise waste management.

Several actions are carried out to achieve this, in particular the ISO 50001 certification of the Lure site. The internal water purification plant on the Lure site was a significant investment and has been equipped with a new treatment plant, which is innovative, simple, effective and reliable, to protect the river receiving our waste water. This is a new tool which enables Vetoquinol go beyond current regulatory requirements. 

Vetoquinol, an international commitment

For several years now, Vetoquinol has been investing to encourage dialogue with all of our partners and improve animal health, respecting animal, man and the environment. The Group is thus a part of IFAH Europe (International Federation for Animal Health Europe), Health For Animals and a member of the local unions for veterinary industry, all over the world.

Vetoquinol, a sustainable development policy built into the company