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What is mastitis?

Mastitis is the primary disease in dairy cows.
- Breast infection
- Clinical or subclinical
- Generally: bacterial (E. Coli, Staph. aureus, Stept. Uberis, etc.)
- Treatment: antibiotics +/- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) 

What are the consequences for farmers?

Required actions Disadvantages
•    Identify the case of mastitis •    Lost of time
•    Decide on the best treatment after assessing the situation •    Stress about milk in the tank
•    Management of treatment and milk (quality and quantity) •    Embarrassment at having to call the vet
•    Data management (records and use) •    Complexity of sample management


Products and drugs for udder health

Vetoquinol’s most emblematic products include: Marbocyl®, Forcyl®, Tolfine®, Diurizone® 

These pages are general information pages of the Vetoquinol Group. Product ranges are tailored to accommodate local demand and regulatory requirements which may change from one country to the next. For further information about the products in accordance with applicable national regulations, please refer to the Vetoquinol website for your country. The information provided depends on national registrations. The technical information is only accessible to authorised persons.