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Pain management in animals

Vetoquinol offers a complete range for pain management in animals. Our products both relieve and prevent pain, ensuring the wellbeing of animals.

The impact of pain in animals

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. It’s also completely subjective, which makes it difficult to quantify and qualify. For pet owners, seeing their companions in pain can be very upsetting. And for farm animals owners, inflammation and pain can be worrying, especially when it results in economic losses.   

Our philosophy for pain management in animals

The products created by our pain division prevents, treats and manages pain, regardless of the type of pain or its origin. We offer products, services and training in pain management. We also investigate innovative solutions that could prevent pain leading to fatality. 

Key Vetoquinol brands for pain management in animals:

- Tolfedine CS® and Tolfine® (livestock)
- Cimalgex® (treatment of acute and chronic pain in dogs)
- Flexadin® and Caniviton® (joint support for cats and dogs with osteoarthritis)

Osteoarthritis and mobility

Medicinal treatments for pain are the mainstay of the overall management of osteoarthritis.
This chronic, degenerative, inflammatory, progressive and irreversible joint disease is the primary cause of discomfort in older dogs.

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