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Since our acquisition of Bioniche Animal Health in 2014, Vetoquinol has been a key player in livestock production. We now provide a range of products and services to support our clients in comprehensive breeding management. 

Breeding management is the cornerstone of the livestock economy. It’s critical for the production of meat and dairy products alike. Regardless of the technology used for livestock production, Vetoquinol offers tailored solutions and a team of experts to assist in their implementation. 

Today, we’re a world leader in livestock production. And we’re committed to bringing innovative solutions to farmers worldwide.

These pages are general information pages of the Vetoquinol Group. Product ranges are tailored to accommodate local demand and regulatory requirements which may change from one country to the next. For further information about the products in accordance with applicable national regulations, please refer to the Vetoquinol website for your country. The information provided depends on national registrations. The technical information is only accessible to authorised persons.