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journée terre italie 2To mark the Earth Day 2023, the team from our Italian subsidiary took part in a 3-day event organized by the municipality of Bertinoro to support the "Patriarchi della Natura" and "Emergency" associations.

For more than fifteen years, Patriarchi della Natura has set up a network of gene banks and a seedlings nursery of ancient trees. One of the aims of this gene bank is to save these seedlings while protecting biodiversity by taking advantage of the great adaptability of these trees, which have survived hundreds of seasons.

On the other side, the Emergency association provides free medical care to people living in areas affected by conflict and poverty in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, among others.

On April 21, Vetoquinol joined in the Earth Day weekend by donating ancient trees to the following organizations:

  • 1 ancient Romagna pomegranate tree to Fratta Terme nursery school
  • 1 cannibal oak to Bertinoro secondary school
  • 1 Lombardy oak named in memory of Dr. Gino Strada, founder of Emergency to the Santa Maria Nuova par

The event was attended by children from local schools, surrounded by the Italian Vetoquinol Sustainability team, Bertinoro mayor Gessica Allegni, Sergio Guidi, founder of Patriarchi della Natura, and Simonetta Gola Strada, co-founder of Emergency.

Vetoquinol Italia also supported the project by supplying materials (brochures, posters, information boards to be installed next to the plants) with the aim of promoting sustainable actions and habits and raising awareness of the subject among children.

journée terre italie 2


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