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Vetoquinol China launched, OvuGel®, a drug for breeding sows, at the Leman China Swine Conference 2023 held from March 23 to 25 at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center with over 150 opinion leaders and more than 300 participants.

This was the first major event in the Chinese pork industry after 3 years of Covid, and around 120,000 visitors were expected.

As part of our 90th anniversary celebrations, our Chinese colleagues took the opportunity to present our company and reiterate Vetoquinol's commitment to animal health.

OvuGel® aims to improve pig productivity and, in this field, China represents around 66% of the world's pig population.

Vetoquinol China has already introduced a patented product, BoarBetter®, a pheromone designed to increase boar fertility.

With these two products, OvuGel® and BoarBetter®, Vetoquinol China now has an extended product range to better serve the swine industry with its expertise in reproduction.

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