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A family-owned and independent company
Vetoquinol has managed to preserve its family ownership and independence while pursuing a growth strategy aimed at focusing its efforts and resources on high-potential markets. In 2023, the company is the 8th largest animal health pharmaceutical company in the world, with a presence in 24 countries and around 50 distributors worldwide.

A growing animal health market
The animal health market is a strong, steadily developing market that continues to grow thanks to product innovations, digital technology and faster, more accurate diagnostics. This market is supported by the constant growing demand for animal proteins (milk, eggs, meat) worldwide and pet care, a segment that is benefiting from the changing purchasing power of pet owners.

Key markets for Vetoquinol
Europe has historically been Vetoquinol's largest market, with subsidiaries in all major European countries. America, and particularly the United States, the world's largest animal health market, represents a strong growth potential. Asia/Pacific is a territory with a promising future; the diversity and dynamics of local markets will enable Vetoquinol to continue to grow in this region.

A global strategy to be close to its customers
International development has been a priority for Vetoquinol for over 90 years. Through its network of subsidiaries and distributors, the company is close to its customers. This proximity allows the company to build solutions with them and to meet their needs, while differentiating itself on its markets to sustain its business.


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