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90 years of innovation
Ever since the company was founded in 1933, innovation has been a major component of Vetoquinol's development strategy. Far from limiting itself to finding new active ingredients or new medicines, Research and Development (R&D) has also focused on extending the uses, target species and distribution areas of existing products.

Over the years, innovation has enabled the company to focus on strong therapeutic areas and targeted species to make optimal use of its resources. Vetoquinol invests over €30 million every year in R&D.

This investment enables us to conduct ambitious research programs aimed at bringing therapeutic innovation. R&D focuses on the development of breakthrough innovations, as well as incremental innovations and the evolution of existing products.

These product innovations, coupled with digital technology and the diagnostics offered by Vetoquinol, enable us to respond differently and better to the expectations of breeders, pet owners and veterinarians. In this way, Vetoquinol strives to offer its customers full fledge solutions that meet their needs by integrating the essential elements required for a result that satisfies their expectations.

Innovation on all fronts
Vetoquinol's R&D department develops numerous initiatives to broaden, support or complement the company's activities.

  • Partnerships with private and public bodies to initiate ground-breaking innovation projects.
  • Regular publications in recognized scientific journals, patent filings, applications for Marketing Authorizations (MA) and the development of a network of scientific experts.
  • Anticipating regulatory changes in the field of veterinary drugs and customer behavior.

The aim of these initiatives is to provide the best possible service to veterinary customers, breeders and pet owners.

A strong presence in France
Vetoquinol's R&D is mainly located in France, with the center of expertise and scientific excellence based at the company's headquarters in the east of France in Lure (Franche-Comté). Today, Vetoquinol’s R&D department employs nearly 180 people, including some 60 scientific managers and 100 researchers, to respond to current animal health issues.

The primary role of R&D is to develop drugs for registration in the countries where Vetoquinol operates or distributes its products. That's why Vetoquinol has product development units all over the world (France, United States, Poland, Brazil), which contribute to the company’s reputation.


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