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Vetoquinol's corporate vision underlines its ambition for its entire ecosystem. This vision creates a dynamic for sustainable development by stating that by 2033 the company will be "the most agile animal health laboratory where employees, experts, partners, and customers work together to create customized solutions dedicated to animal health for a better planet".

This desire has been expressed for a long time and in many ways, through concrete actions. The company is thus demonstrating its unwavering determination to positively support sustainable development.

"One Health"
Most infectious human diseases have an animal origin. The recent health crisis has highlighted the need to adopt a "One Health" approach, promoting an integrated, systemic, and unified approach to public, animal, and environmental health, locally and globally.

The well-being of humans and animals is at the heart of Vetoquinol's business. This is the raison d'être of its products, which cover most of the needs of veterinarians in numerous segments such as parasiticides, mobility, dermatology, and treatments for dairy cows. These are all areas in which Vetoquinol has recognized expertise.

Vetoquinol's commitment
Vetoquinol has been committed to sustainable development for several years now. This commitment is reaffirmed in the new AMBITION 2026 strategic plan.

Vetoquinol's teams are mobilized around actions that make up the company's sustainable development roadmap. First and foremost, employee safety is the company's top priority. Vetoquinol is committed to preserving the health and safety of its teams and works to achieve a shared culture of vigilance in this area.

In addition, Vetoquinol aspires to control its carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions per million euros of sales. The company also aims to reduce its industrial waste and increase its waste recycling rate while improving the management and consumption of water in the manufacture of its products. The company is also pursuing its eco-design and packaging management initiatives for its products. Finally, Vetoquinol is committed to implementing a sustainable, ethical, and responsible sourcing policy


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